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The real estate agent was right.

One of the first properties was the one we never could let go. The location, the small village and the possibilities just sticked to our head and hearts.

We started working on the details and uncertainty of the old house structure. Trying to get as much details on to paper to ensure that we buy what we think we are buying. And that was to be a long journey.

We went down to visit the sellers local family again. A truly great couple and hosts. We spent some days with them discussing details and what could be next steps. And we got a lot of documents from the project to look at and suggestions what to do. But we really needed some on our side that knew Italy and that could verify with commune and engineers that we where allowed to do and build anything or ideally what we where looking for.

After some returning home and some more pieces in place we just needed to close the deal. We agreed with the sellers on a price. But still we needed some missing documents.

We went down and met with a local Architect, but without us talking any Italian, and the architect only talking italian, this could be a long, difficult journey. The idea was to keep it local and hopefully get close to the once approving the final project. And we always wanted to use local people to help where possible.

This is part of our dream, engage in the local community and giving something back and be a part of the culture and people.

During our online journey we found a local swedish real estate agent that also our friend knew and had met. And like magic we got help to guide us to the next step. The purchase process. Talking our local language was a great relief.

And as things falls in place we got another tip about an Architect and engineer that could help us all the way. A Norwegian, living working and educated in Italy, a local that knows the system and knew what we are thinking. Getting the right help is probably the most important thing we needed.

Next steps now was easier. Getting documentation and finalizing the purchase.

Finally we could start focusing on the project, creating multiple drafts on how we could visualize the final project.

Through this we also ended up buying some extra additional property.

Keep focus on the dreams, wishes and budget.

To get some additional feedback. We also engaged some local architects to pitch our project and to get valuable input on what to focus on. Line of sight, balance, storage space and general rooms feeling. But also verification that we are on the right track.

We got there. Properties purchased and we could plan for the next steps. A project to send for visual approval.