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Our search

For a long time we have been thinking, talking and dreaming of a home in the mediterranean. Whenever traveling we have ended up outside real estate agents windows, curious about the local market. But never taken the next step. Not sure why, the risk, the timing or just life.

We started with some requirements, not sure if they would be stick but at least it could help us limit our search.

The search

We researched cost and details about buying. Internet and youtube is your friend. We where also so lucky to have friends that have properties in the region, and we quickly located the region we wanted to look. Close to airport and an authentic region with a lot to offer. Same as all of Italy basically. But location was important.

Since Liguria and Imperia area is close to ocean and quickly getting up in the mountains the weather is very stable. Not extremely hot, and not extreme in winter. But just 10km in the country the temperature drops and weather could be more variated. So we keep to the costline.

Another thing is the prices. Closer the ocean and closer to Monaco the more expensive it gets. So a preliminary budget was set.

We looked at ruins, projects, land, apartments and new houses. In small towns, bigger towns and outside towns. We wanted walking distance to city center, so that also became mandatory.

Some towns are small, very small. And some with more life and people. Always something. But we never doubted finding the perfect home. Or are you ever sure. But finding a good location will always be a good choice. And if all goes wrong and we become miserable. We could always sell. So we avoided focusing on all pitfalls and troubles that could occur. For that is a few.

We booked som trips to the area, with lists on what areas to see and booked time with real estate agents in advance. My first trip was all alone. Without my wife. After a job trip in France I spent 3-4 days visiting a specific house and living in an apartment with the sellers family. That was nice. Getting to know the local people, and a little scary.

That was the first property I looked at. After long chats online with the seller. A property to be demolished and rebuilt. But the location was fantastic. But a lot of uncertainty when unknown to Italian laws and regulations. So a lot of stupid questions where asked probably a few times to the sellers. But this was the first of many to see.

Bordighera, Seborga, Cipressa, Civezzan, San Lorenzo al mare, Poggi, San Remo, Ceriana, Perinaldo to mention some. That was just a great experience, and the process is probably the greatest thing about it all.