This journey begins.

We have always loved to travel, and the dream of Italy has always been in our thoughts, dreams and wishes. Fantastic people, great food, amazing scenary and architecture. It also helps with the great weather.

We started our research and just to keep an open mind we been travelling the mediterian. France, Spain, Cypros, Crete and Italy.

We ended up celebrating our wedding in Toscany, in a small vineyard outside of Florence. I think that was the final piece. Amazing celebration with our friends and family in magic surroundings.

And so the craving and adventure begins.

In France and Spain we mostly travelled. And looked at different prospects online or in windows. Not taking the full step.

In Italy we went from scouting to booking visits with real estate agents to see 10-20 apartments and houses in different regions. We also visited a lot of village just to get a feel.

I remember the words from one of the real estate agents: when a certain property is coming back and back again. It is most probably the right one.

And so it was.

I think we always had our feature list.

  • A house with a view. View of hillside, ocean or something to rest our eyes on.
  • A pool, even if the ocean is great. We love to spend time by the pool.
  • Rooms for visitors. To have family and friends visiting always make things perfect.
    We also have 2 kids that we want to have their own family rooms to easy coming to visit.